Creating a Psychedelic Integration Journal

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Psychedelic journaling is a technique used by many top performers and most behavioral change therapies. Journaling becomes a roadmap to show you where you came from and help you plan your journey forward. Learn how witnessing your own story can bring healing.

This FREE 60 minute class will give you simple DIY Healing tools you can use immediately to explore your own inner space (being). We will teach you the journaling skills and techniques used by somatic, DBT, CBT in order to create framework for growth and self actualization while neurohacking with entheogens

In this class we will:

Give tips for getting started with a journaling practice.
Show over 15 Types of journal entries.
Bringing out your inner child artist for deeper growth.
Outline practices for creating a safe space free of self judgment.
Review tools for measuring progress
Connect making it a habit to positive reinforcement, making it a fun and long lasting tool.

This class will include over 5 journal entry templates for you to dive into your own journaling practice.


E.J.O. is a holistic Nutritionist and Change Coach with 10 years of medical practice. Her journey to become a healer was fueled from the need to overcome childhood traumas. Elizabeth has used her training to quit many of the self harming behaviors of BPD. During the last decade, she has studied: human behavior, psychology, yoga, flow states, and mindfulness based therapies. Elizabeth recently combined these tools with psychedelics in experiments to neurohack her emotional suffering from depression. She talks about this in her new book, “Breaking Emotional Addiction: Neurohacking Borderline Personality Disorder with Ibogaine.” Read her book here.

Elizabeth studied both herbal medicine and nutrition at Bastyr University, a college of natural medicine. She travels teaching workshops and has a virtual coaching practice. In her free time, she offers peer support in online forums and volunteers at festivals offering psychedelic harm reduction. Elizabeth is passionate about reducing barriers to finding compassionate support for processing non- ordinary states of consciousness. She is currently studying how altered states can compliment addiction treatment.

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