MDMA-Assisted Therapy Education Program

Training Program
Sep 23, 2023 Nov 12, 2023
3,500 USD
6 Weeks
Focus: MDMA


Our immersion course consists of live presentations, video case presentations, enriching discussions, scenario-based learning, self-reflection, small group, dyad activities, online coursework, and creative projects. The live education component is led by educators who have worked on our MDMA-assisted therapy clinical trials and provides a container for discussion, in-depth inquiry, experiential learning, and personal growth.
In 2023, this Immersion course is offered in three different formats: virtual, in-person, and hybrid. Dates and details will be added to this webpage soon.
By the end of this course, attendees will be able to:
Understand the fundamental processes and concepts underlying investigational MDMA-assisted therapy
Consider the role of identity and culture in therapeutic alliance and trauma processing
Translate the concepts of inner healing intelligence and inner-directed therapeutic approach to their work with clients
Strengthen the therapeutic alliance with clients
Engage in personal growth practices that enable grounding, self-care, and sustainability
Engage with a growing network of MDMA-assisted therapy informed professionals through continuing educational opportunities, community building, and opportunities for scientific discussion

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