Spiritual Intelligence Certificate

Apr 01, 2023 Sep 30, 2023
1,200 GBP
6 Months
Awarded: Certificate of Completion


This certificate is for therapists who would like to explore spirituality in order to help their clients, as a general stand-alone course for anybody who is interested in spirituality and for those who are already facilitating psychedelic experiences and who would like to add Spiritual Intelligence as a core competency to their skill-set. It is also the introductory course for those who would like to continue onto The Transpersonal & Psychedelic Practitioner Certificate.

Cognitive intelligence and science play heavily in Western psychology. Measuring intelligence quotient (IQ) became the way to assign rational thinking intelligence. Just before the turn of the 21st century, feeling or emotional intelligence was introduced by Daniel Goleman, which measured compassion and empathy. As the 21st century moves on, the age-old spiritual intelligence (SI) is now receiving attention due to the scientific proof of its effectiveness for mental health.

Specifically with regard to psychedelic experience, SI has been identified by many leaders in the psychedelic world as the competency which is most abstract, but it is also a competency which is vital in holding the psychedelic space. Reports show that a large percentage of people, maybe even up to 80%, have a spiritual or mystical experience during a psychedelic journey. This experience can cause a person to re-examine their core belief system, which impacts how they see themselves in the world, and how they want to move forward with their life. These profound experiences illustrates the need for a training programme which focuses on SI for psychedelic facilitators.

The course will be a practical and theoretical exploration of SI, which is not based on religion or the supernatural, but is rooted in connection. In Latin ‘spirit’ means ‘breath’, and our spiritual self begins with our connection to the world through the breath, and then extends to a unifying deeper connection - to other people, to our environment and to an awareness of belonging to something larger than ourselves, to something above and beyond us.

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