PhilaDelic 2023

Jul 13 – Jul 15, 2023


Our mission is to create an inspiring and inclusive space for psychedelic education, scholarship, and community. This conference cultivates a setting of diverse experts to facilitate meaningful discussion, foster ideas, and expanding understanding. Together, we will consciously and creatively advance the field of psychedelics for the greater good of society. Our varied conference programming includes panels, lectures, mixers, workshops, and opportunities to engage with the broader psychedelic community. 


In 2012, UPenn was home to the 1st Psychedemia conference which included hundreds of attendees and dozens of speakers across multiple fields of study. This was the first psychedelic conference on a university campus in decades. In 2019, the Penn Society for Psychedelic Studies hosted the Intercollegiate Psychedelics Summit with hundreds of attendees and a dozen speakers. This conference was the proto-launch of the Intercollegiate Psychedelics Network (IPN), a non-profit organization dedicated to student professional development in the psychedelic ecosystem. In 2022, the School of Nursing organized a multi-part Learning Seminar Series that attracted hundreds of participants virtually and culminated in an in-person symposium. In 2023, the Mahoney Institute for Neuroscience is hosting its Year of Psychedelics seminar series and symposium. Penn has been building towards the establishment of an interdisciplinary working group of faculty, researchers, clinicians, and students dedicated to pushing beyond the frontiers of psychedelic studies.


Collaboration across fields is essential to generate novel transdisciplinary research, and a centralized working group at Penn is the most effective way to facilitate the connections necessary to meet the evolving needs of psychedelic scholarship. Penn Psychedelic Collaborative brings together faculty with unique approaches to psychedelic research across centers and departments in the Schools of Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Social Policy and Practice, Law, Business, Arts and Sciences, and Design to catalyze innovative transdisciplinary research.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023