Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

Employer: Delix Therapeutics
Date Posted: Apr 25, 2022
Employment: Full Time
Focus / Industry:
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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The Principal Scientist of Medicinal Chemistry is primarily responsible for designing novel non-hallucinogenic psychoplastogens, and utilizing external CRO scientists to synthesize and screen their designs while optimizing the potency, pharmacokinetics, safety and in vivo efficacy of potential small molecule psychoplastogen CNS drugs. They will work closely with a multidisciplinary team of structural biologists, computational chemists, pharmacologists, and DMPK experts to advance compounds through project milestones and identify clinical candidates.


  • Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams in the design and optimization of small molecule series from hit-to-lead to advanced clinical candidate using expertise in synthetic chemistry, structure-based design, and computational approaches.
  • Oversee a team of external CRO chemists to synthesize new analogs, designing, and improving synthetic routes to support SAR studies.
  • Work collaboratively with our external screening partners to generate crucial biological data in a timely manner.
  • Partner with computational scientists and structural biologists to leverage and enhance structure-based design and in silico modeling capabilities.
  • Critically evaluate project data while rigorously driving data-driven Go/No-go decisions, including the identification of resource constraints and bottlenecks.
  • Promote an overall group culture of agility, pro-action, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Mentor and develop internal talent.
  • Link scientific strategy with specific objectives in novel areas that will lead to fundamental insights or new discoveries.
  • Enhance Delix’s intellectual property portfolio through innovative design.
  • Prepare and deliver reports, internal, and external presentations to the Preclinical Discovery group, collaborators, and investors in timely manner.

Qualifications (bulleted list by importance)

  • Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry with 6-10 years of pharmaceutical/biotech industry experience as a medicinal chemist, or a BA/MS with compelling record of experience.
  • Track record of advancing compounds to IND-enabling studies or a significant impact on achieving project team milestones.
  • Highly motivated, creative, and able to maintain excellent documentation of their work with knowledge of cutting-edge medicinal chemistry and synthetic techniques
  • Expertise in working with external chemical and biological screening CRO resources.
  • Extensive experience using structure-based design to develop testable hypotheses, generate actionable insights, and drive SAR
  • Experience in GPCR-based structure-based drug design is a plus
  • Prior experience in CNS drug discovery/development is a plus
  • Experience leading medicinal chemistry project teams
  • A team player who can provide leadership while working effectively within a multidisciplinary organization
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

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