Senior Data Engineer

Employer: Apollo Neuro
Date Posted: May 02, 2021
Employment: Full Time
Focus / Industry:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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Who are we? 

Apollo Neuroscience has developed a first-of-its-kind wearable that is scientifically validated to improve people’s resilience to stress. A spinout of research between the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, our small company is already helping thousands of people all over the world. 

As we’re growing, our need for building out a robust data infrastructure is a top priority both for business intelligence as well as product research and development. We’re in a unique position to both help people understand their own mental and physical health better while simultaneously using that information to offer them direct therapeutic help through our revolutionary device. 

Most of our team is split between CA and Pittsburgh, PA, but like nearly everyone else, we operate remotely these days and this position can be 100% remote. From the beginning, we’ve always had remote team members and we’re always thinking about how we can improve our processes to make remote work as successful as possible. 

Who are you? 

As our first data engineer, you’re ready to jump in, build systems from the ground up and think strategically about how best to scale our technology stack. You will be central to establishing our central data warehouse, working with each department to develop and enhance their analytics capabilities, and be ready to scale our data platforms as Apollo Neuro and its data grows. In the beginning, you’ll be taking the existing data streams from our website, mobile app, customer service software, and the device itself and combining those into a system that can be used across the company. This will include marketing and finance as well as physical and digital product design. As our business continues to grow, there will be opportunities to scale this system and help incorporate machine learning to improve business scalability, business operations, customer retention and in the product itself for the personalization of the therapy and its delivery. 

The ideal candidate will show a strong passion for diving into uncharted territory while also displaying a deep understanding of how to engineer scalable data systems and empower team members across the organization to utilize that data in meaningful ways. 

In your day-to-day, you will work closely with representatives of each department from product, marketing, customer service, finance, and operations to create a system that generates meaningful data for each department as well as an overall picture for our Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer.

Responsibilities include: 

  • The design and development of a suite of cloud-based services, stores and connectors supporting Apollo’s immediate analytics requirements while also being capable of expansion to support future needs. 
  • Maintenance of the Apollo data stack and monitoring of data quality and accuracy.​           
  • Analysis of performance and health of the platform (e.g. reporting operational gaps). 
  • Perform ad hoc data analyses as required to troubleshoot data-related issues and assist in their resolution.
  • Maintaining a deep understanding of existing cloud services supporting data processing and analysis. 
  • Keeping up to date with the state of the art in data processing trends and technologies. 
  • Developing standards with collaboration from other departments on best practices to maintain and improve our data sources and overall quality.  
  • Assist personnel from other departments in developing workflow solutions that expand Apollo’s analytics capabilities and enhance internal clients’ ability to execute timely responses to analysis results. 

Your qualifications: 

  • At least 5+ years of experience with data engineering.
  • Should have proficient experience in Python or equivalent programming languages.
  • Working knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases (especially Redshift and DynamoDB).
  • Experience developing scalable custom data pipelines. Airflow or other ETL tool experience is a plus.
  • Experience fusing data from heterogeneous data systems.
  • Excellent deductive reasoning ability. 
  • Strong problem-solving skills. 
  • Solid communication skills and a sense of customer service. 

Other things we’re looking for: 

  • Pandas experience is a plus.
  • AWS, Docker experience is a plus.
  • An eye for security as it relates to data storage and transport.
  • Experience interacting with personnel from all major functional areas of a business. 
  • Previous employment with a company whose products required FDA approval.
  • Experience with GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA related adherence is a plus.
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Last updated: May 02, 2021