Senior Researchers: Dementia Science & Medicine

Employer: The Conscious Fund
Date Posted: Nov 26, 2020
Employment: Full Time
Focus / Industry: Research
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We are looking for senior researchers and medical practitioners involved with dementia, Alzheimer’s and palliative care. Working with a group of specialist investors, advocates and corporate professionals we are creating a new approach to the treatment of these issues. We are seeking a broad group including scientific researchers, doctors, patient advocates and drug developers. 

Candidates will need world class backgrounds, extensive experience and recognised credentials as well as a very strong interest in the psychedelic medicine sector. 

The project offers a chance to be part of ground breaking research, life changing treatment programs and we believe, a major new entity with all the financial benefits this could offer over the long term. 

Applicants, please send your details to

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Last updated: Dec 03, 2020