Cody Shandraw

Job type
Chief Executives

Ambria Capital (Managing Partner)

Phyto Partners (Managing Partner)

Boca Raton, Florida, USA


Cody Shandraw has been a serial entrepreneur from an early age, striving to be a proven producer of profit in all of his ventures. Currently running one of the most active due diligence programs in emerging industries, his focus is to invest in cutting-edge ideas and out-of-the-box venture opportunities. With his experience in evaluating hundreds of companies, Cody brings a unique insight into all aspects of building a profitable company.

Having gone to school in Western New York, Cody currently resides in Southern Florida with his wife and son. In his current role, Cody manages market assessment projects and due diligence, including building and maintaining client and partner relationships. Throughout his life, he has had family members and friends struggle with mental health and addiction issues. This led Cody to develop a passionate connection with investing in new methods of promising treatment.

Having been featured on several podcasts, online outlets, and conference line-ups, Cody is passionate about advocating for the healing powers of psychedelics as medicine in treating various mental health disorders and addictions. This passion is a guiding force in choosing business to back and help grow to scale. From management, operational, and strategic challenges, to financial obstacles, and best practices, he is versed in all elements of creating value for any great business idea.

Cody Shandraw