Dr. Felipe Malacara

Chief Clinical Operations Director of Beond


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Based in Mexico, Dr. Felipe Malacara M.D., is a general practice physician who received his medical degree from Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City. He has a Masters's Degree in Education, specializing in Teaching and Scholastics for College and Higher Education. (La Salle University, Pachuca, Cancun.) With over 17 years of direct treatment experience at Clear Sky Recovery, Dr. Malacara has extensive expertise with ibogaine treatment for drug-dependent individuals.

He served as Attending Physician at Clear Sky Recovery ibogaine treatment facility for over 15 years, where he supervised all clinical operations and medical staff and has treated over 1200 patients with ibogaine. Felipe has served as Medical Coordinator of Emergency Medical Services at Cancun International Airport between 2004-2007 and 2010-2013.

Dr. Malacara served as Medical Director of Cancun City Jail between 2007-2009. He has been a MedAire Preferred Provider for Medical Assistance to aircrew members of multiple airlines in Cancun for over 15 years.

Based in Mexico, Dr. Malacara, M.D. serves as the Chief Clinical Operations Director of Beond.

Dr. Felipe Malacara